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captive insurance industryWelcome to the Captive Resources, LLC Blog. Following the mid-1970s insurance crisis, when business owners had trouble obtaining insurance coverage or were forced to pay inflated insurance premiums for basic coverage, Captive Resources was born as a solution to that problem. The early 1980s saw the creation of one of the first member-owned group captive insurance companies, Captive Resources, LLC. Now known for providing captive consulting services exclusively to member-owned group captives, Captive Resources is one of the largest, most experienced and most successful advisors to group captive insurance companies in the United States.

For over 30 years, Captive Resources has provided the captive insurance industry with the necessary tools to control insurance costs and develop efficient safety and loss prevention practices. We also offer advice on operational insight, investment services and more. Group captives have relied on our insurance specialists to control insurance costs and increase their profits year after year. Wouldn’t you like to increase efficiency in your group captive?

If you would like consulting and you are in the captive insurance industry, Captive Resources has the services your company needs to thrive. Visit CaptiveResources.com for more information on how we can help your company meet insurance goals.

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