Why Work With Captive Resources?

Over the past thirty years, Captive Resources, LLC has formed more than thirty group captives serving thousands of businesses across the United States in an array of industries. Captive Resources currently advises several of the largest member-owned group captive insurance companies in the world. Overall, group captives advised by Captive Resources have combined annual premiums over $1.7 billion and assets that exceed $4.5 billion. Today, over 200 brokerage firms are bringing Captive Resources’ time-tested solutions to their clients.


  • Why partner with Captive Resources?

    It’s a win-win – for both you and your clients. Beyond the control gained through our group captive insurance model, Captive Resources’ size and experience as compared to other group captive administrators provide leverage and clout that cannot be matched. Plus, by providing access to Captive Resources’ proven methodologies you are gaining the security that comes with experience.

    If it’s been done in the group captive insurance industry, chances are Captive Resources did it first! Our executives – who each have extensive experience in the captive insurance industry – stand behind you every day. They understand your business and how to help you best meet your clients’ needs.

  • Higher revenues and new business growth.

    By joining the growing ranks of brokers working with Captive Resources to serve their clients, you can significantly expand your business and your revenues. Besides the referrals you’ll get from highly satisfied clients – who now have greater control over their insurance costs – the support you receive from Captive Resources will empower you to break your own sales goals year after year.

  • New solutions.

    Captive Resources’ full-service approach dramatically differentiates your offerings from competing brokerage firms. Captive Resources doesn’t just provide services – we provide solutions that make a positive, direct impact on the bottom lines of those companies that join a captive that we support. Even brokers representing large, public companies with their own internal captive departments turn to Captive Resources for those powerful solutions.

  • Long-term revenue stability.

    Captives advised by Captive Resources average a 98 percent renewal rate.  In fact, some brokers have reported saving up to 60 percent of the time and money previously spent on finding and keeping satisfied clients.

  • Independence and control.

    Because Captive Resources is an independently owned and operated company, brokers enjoy relationships with us that are free from the conflicts often experienced when working with broker-owned operations. Plus, you always maintain control of your client relationships, and with the support of Captive Resources can help your clients better manage their risk.

Aren’t your clients ready for Captive Resources?

From manufacturing and distribution, to construction, transportation, temporary employment agencies, retail, food and beverage production, hospitality, agri-business, and oil and gas well operations/services, Captive Resources reaches businesses across a broad range of industries. Above all else, what empowers brokers to tell their clients about the Captive Resources model is the security that comes from greater control over their insurance destiny, plus significant insurance cost reductions.

Other qualities that participants in Captive Resources-administered captives share include:

  • Long-term financial strength and stability;
  • Management teams committed to safety, with solid safety programs in place;
  • Loss histories that are average or better than average for their respective industries; and,
  • Minimum casualty premiums of $150,000. However, Captive Resources group captive members generally have annual premiums of at least $250,000, but can exceed $15,000,000.

How can you get started?

For information about how you can bring the benefits of a Captive Resources captive to your clients and prospects, we invite you to contact us today.

Why wait? 

Long-term client satisfaction, enormous growth potential and financial success are just a phone call away.

Contact our experts online or over the phone at (847)781-1400 if you would like help exploring the benefits of a member-owned group captive.