Captive Resources Today

Thousands of businesses have turned to Captive Resources for smarter solutions to the insurance dilemmas they’ve faced. Why? Because Captive Resources’ model – unique in the captive insurance industry – delivers tangible results that make a positive impact on each member’s bottom line. It’s no wonder that Captive Resources client captives can boast 97 to 98 percent member retention year over year.

Unlike some insurers and captive insurance service providers, Captive Resources is singularly focused on delivering the best and most suitable protection. We do this through careful management of loss control and risk reduction and by ensuring each captive is exceptionally well run.

From the selection of third party service providers, to the way internal teams are structured, Captive Resources commits resources that deliver personalized attention to each captive member. Most notably, this includes a team of Captive Resources advisors assigned to each captive, led by one of the company’s senior executives, all of whom have extensive experience in their respective disciplines. Each captive insurance company is provided a dedicated team of professionals consisting of:

  • A team leader who is an experienced insurance executive and reports to the captive’s Board;
  • At least one program manager who facilitates the day-to-day needs of the captive and its members;
  • A loss control/safety expert;
  • A claims services manager;
  • A financial/investment advisor who is a qualified CPA;
  • Meeting planners who work with Captive Resources’ internal meeting management group to help facilitate the captive semi-annual meetings; and,
  • An exceptional support staff of professionals behind these managers to help ensure that our work on behalf of our captive insurance company clients meets our stringent quality standards.

From insurance professionals to loss control/safety specialists to claims service managers, and CPAs, Captive Resources has the right team of professionals to help each captive member succeed in the insurance program that’s right for its business.